Clever batteries

We have a few EGO batteries lying around and I found two of the 7Ah batteries on the shelf today with their indicator rings red and fully lit. It wasn’t necessarily the lights alone that worried me although red usually means bad, it was that the tops of the batteries were a little warm. Oh no I thought, there’s something …

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Stealthmount for the Makita DC18RC charger

I reached out to Stealmounts to find out if their mounting brackets for the Makita dual charger (DC18RD) fit the single charger (DC18RC). Their answer was that it does not, although they tell me that there’ll be one out in the next couple of months.

My quick GME TX6160 review

First up this is by no means meant to be a comprehensive review, just some quick thoughts around how I found it. I bought the radio in November 2018 and have been using it for just over a year and a half. Mainly used at camping for keeping in touch with base camp, it does it’s job and has a …

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Smelly glass tabletop

We’ve had the dining room set for many years now and the glass tabletop has started to smell bad, kinda like an old fish tank. Over the last few months we’ve tried anti-bacterial wipes, surface cleaner, and vinegar only. Nothing worked. We eventually found a solution. I learned that despite conventional wisdom, glass is actually porous. Over the years it …

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