forblogBrandon Yap has been been a technology enthusiast since a very young age. It started with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum then moved onto the Apple II+, followed by the IBM XT which was his introduction into the world of x86. This led to an interest in PC building and case modding.

Later Linux caught his attention and he has since been a System Engineer for over 13 years, working primarily on Internet related technologies such as web servers, databases, along with the systems and infrastructure that support them.

Over the last few years, WordPress has made headlines as being one of the most powerful, flexible, and user friendly CMS’s around, which also explains its popularity. Since then he has been playing with it, deploying WordPress sites for clients, and loving every minute of it.

This blog contains stuff that he could not find anywhere on the net (at the time of writing). It’s his small contribution to the community and hopes that someone somewhere will find this information useful.

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