Bridged networking in UTM

Run ifconfig in Terminal to find out the name of the main ethernet interface on your Mac. It will be something like en0 through to en9. In my case it’s en6. Once you have the interface name, go into your VM’s Settings in UTM, then plug this interface name into the Bridged Interface field. Power up the VM and it’s interface should now pick up an IP if you have DHCP configured.

Enabling IPv6 on Aussie Broadband with the EdgeRouter-X

A few guides exist on the topic but almost all assume an EdgeRouter without the switch0 interface (eg the EdgeRouter 4). The EdgeRouter-X is a little bit different in that eth1 is by default part of the parent switch0 interface so we’ll need a few tweaks to the config. You could remove eth1 from switch0 but that’s a story for another day. IMPORTANT – These configs assume you have the default IPv6 firewall in place from the Basic Setup Wizard. This first part sets up dhcpv6-pd on eth0 and applies a few settings to the switch0 interface. It assigns switch0 …

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Upgrading your Pinecil’s firmware on macOS

I’m aware there’s a GUI firmware updater tool, but as of this writing doesn’t support IronOS v2.16 which has moved from .bin/.hex to .dfu files which the firmware updater doesn’t yet support. Here’s a way you can update your Pinecil’s firmware without it. Frankly it’s so easy I might keep using this method going forward. Install dfu-util dfu-util can be installed via Homebrew. I won’t go over how to install Homebrew, but after you get it on your system, run the following: brew install dfu-util Download IronOS and decompress it The Pinecil runs IronOS, the latest release can be downloaded …

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Debian arm64 and UTM on Apple M1 Macs

Debian 11 arm64 cd image boots and installs just fine under UTM (QEMU) on an Apple M1 Mac, but when the VM reboots you’ll be thrown to the UEFI screen instead of seeing the usual GRUB boot menu with no clue as to what the problem might be. Here’s a workaround that will let you boot from the install disk again. Go to Boot Maintenance Manager Boot Options Add Boot Option Select the volume, it should be the only volume there Select EFI Select debian Select grubaa64.efi Give the Boot Option a description Commit your changes Now go back and …

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iCloud Photo Library freezing

If you’ve come here looking for a solution to your Mac locking up everytime you enable iCloud Photo Library, you’ve come to the right place. You’re probably enabling it for the first time and your system keeps freezing for some unknown reason, either not being able to wake from sleep or going completely unresponsive. The same thing happened to us. After pounding our heads against the wall for a good week, we noticed the library had all manner of weird files in there like AVI and PSD. Photos did not like this one bit as it to tried to convert …

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