The dummies guide to using ArgyllCMS

If you’re reading this then you probably already know what ArgyllCMS does. What you’re likely here for are simple instructions on how to use it. If you’re like me and just want your display reasonably well calibrated for photo processing then read on. As you already know, ArgyllCMS consists of a bewildering array of small utils, 48 at last count, that form part of the core package. The doco is actually quite good once you find what you need and make sense of it. Buried pages and pages deep, in amongst mentions of workflows and scenarios is the one liner […]

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Fixing Mail banner and alert notifications

Ever since the macOS 13.2 update, both banner and alert notifications in Mail for some people (including myself!) are no longer appearing. The badge on the dock shows the correct unread count but the popup in the top right corner does not display for new messages. I’ve tried everything from toggling Mail notifications on and off, to fiddling with Focus modes. What did eventually fix the problem was completely removing the affected mail accounts from Settings -> Internet Accounts, and then re-adding them. Toggling the Mail slider alone didn’t seem to work, it needed a full remove and re-add. Ventura

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How long does it take to service an EGO battery under warranty

Both my 7.5Ah batteries have been playing up for a while. The fuel gauge lights would all of a sudden turn a solid red in the middle of mowing, but if you gave them a sharp tap on a bench, they would start working again. It didn’t matter if they were freshly plugged in, or 10 mins into mowing. A solid red light usually indicates an overheat condition. I knew heat couldn’t have possibly been the cause because I could start mowing and a few minutes in it’ll turn red. From my research it appears this problem isn’t unheard of,

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Bridged networking in UTM

Run ifconfig in Terminal to find out the name of the main ethernet interface on your Mac. It will be something like en0 through to en9. In my case it’s en6. Once you have the interface name, go into your VM’s Settings in UTM, then plug this interface name into the Bridged Interface field. Power up the VM and it’s interface should now pick up an IP if you have DHCP configured.

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Enabling IPv6 on Aussie Broadband with the EdgeRouter-X

A few guides exist on the topic but almost all assume an EdgeRouter without the switch0 interface (eg the EdgeRouter 4). The EdgeRouter-X is a little bit different in that eth1 is by default part of the parent switch0 interface so we’ll need a few tweaks to the config. You could remove eth1 from switch0 but that’s a story for another day. IMPORTANT – These configs assume you have the default IPv6 firewall in place from the Basic Setup Wizard. This first part sets up dhcpv6-pd on eth0 and applies a few settings to the switch0 interface. It assigns switch0

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