How long does it take to service an EGO battery under warranty

Both my 7.5Ah batteries have been playing up for a while. The fuel gauge lights would all of a sudden turn a solid red in the middle of mowing, but if you gave them a sharp tap on a bench, they would start working again. It didn’t matter if they were freshly plugged in, or 10 mins into mowing. A solid red light usually indicates an overheat condition. I knew heat couldn’t have possibly been the cause because I could start mowing and a few minutes in it’ll turn red.

From my research it appears this problem isn’t unheard of, likely due to a loose thermistor within the battery. Some have reported opening the battery and finding loose connectors, which upon connecting resolved the problem. It also explains why the sharp tap temporarily makes the problem go away. Strangely enough these were also 7.5Ah batteries. Coincidence?

Both batteries are over 2 years old with manufacturing dates of 06/2020 and 07/2020, and seeing as here in Australia EGO offer a 3 year warranty I filed a warranty claim. I thought i’d write about my experience with EGO support for the benefit of anyone else having the same problem with their batteries. Below is a running log so you can see how long it takes for EGO to repair the batteries.

Lodged a claim with EGO.
EGO accepts the warranty claim and asks for me to drop off the batteries at my local Total Tools branch.

I drop off both the batteries. Total Tools do the paperwork and tell me they’ll be in touch when the batteries are ready.

Batteries arrived in store for pickup. They didn’t just fix the batteries, they gave me two completely brand new batteries instead!

So all in all it took around 2 weeks end to end to service the batteries. I think we can call that a win for EGO customer service!
Hope this helps anyone else going through the same thing.

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