Smelly glass tabletop

We’ve had a dining room set for many years and the glass tabletop had recently started to smell bad, kinda like an old fish tank. Over the last few months we’ve tried anti-bacterial wipes, surface cleaner, and vinegar. Nothing worked. We eventually found a solution. I’ve learned that despite the smooth appearance, glass is actually porous. Over the years it absorbed all manner of scents and smells. We first sprayed a fine layer of vinegar on the tabletop, then sprinkled bicarb soda all over the surface until there were no exposed glass showing. This was then left for a number […]

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Switching to from Internode to TPG

What? Are you crazy?? That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it. First off, why I am writing this post. I want to share my unbiased experience switching from Internode to TPG. Let me assure you that this is not a sponsored post! As you no doubt would have recently heard, iiNet have bought Internode. I’ve been a loyal customer of the Node for over 6 years, but living out of the city areas means i’m on a Telstra DSLAM on one of Internodes Easy Reach plans. Due to the “Telstra price squeeze” (in which their retail division undercuts their wholesale pricing

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FXD Pegasus Manipulator 4

Last updated 02/11/2011 Overview The FXD Pegasus Manipulator 4 is one of the more popular 4 channel 2.4 GHZ co-axial RC helicopters in it’s class. Released in 2011, what makes it so popular is it’s performance in this price range. Its available in shops for around $130 AUD or around half the price on eBay. As there is a lack of troubleshooting guides available on the net for this new model, I thought i’d compile a list for anyone trying to fix their helicopter.   Specs Model number 68785 3.7V 180mAh Lithium Polymer battery 8 x AA batteries required for

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Karcher Winner 11 review

Once a month, the kids get together with friends in a play group and this month was our turn to host. The pavers out back were covered in moss and needed to be removed quickly and easily. So it was off to Bunnings to have a look at what was available. The name Karcher has always been synonymous with high pressure cleaners so I must admit I was biased from the start. They had both Bosch and Karcher ranges there but the Karchers seemed to be better value for money and had a wider variety of nozzles and attachments. So

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Catching mozzies with a torch

Mozzies are a pain when out camping, more so when they make it into your tent and you’re trying to swat them. They’re fast little buggers. While camping at Batemans Bay, here’s something I discovered quite by accident while trying to kill mozzies which made it into our tent. If you shine a torch on it and move slowly closer to it, you’ll be able to cover the mozzie with the torch without it flying off. Then all you’ll need to do is slide a piece of paper under the torch and you’ve just trapped yourself a mozzie! I tried

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