Clever batteries

We have a few EGO batteries lying around and I found two of the 7Ah batteries on the shelf today with their indicator rings red and fully lit. It wasn’t necessarily the lights alone that worried me although red usually means bad, it was that the tops of the batteries were a little warm. Oh no I thought, there’s something wrong with the batteries!

It took a bit of googling to find that this was normal behavior for EGO batteries. They apparently self discharge when they detect long term storage of a fully charged battery.

So I dug into the battery manual (the battery actually comes a manual, IKR) and found this little nugget:

It was true! You see Lithium-Ion batteries don’t like to be stored fully charged, I knew that much. But what I didn’t know what that EGO went as far as to put in circuitry to discharge the battery deliberately. It blew my mind that a manufacturer would go to such lengths to protect the battery.

EGO you have a customer for life.

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