Fixing problems with the new v2 OpsGenie iOS app

The new version 2.x of the OpsGenie mobile app (iOS) is a sweet sweet upgrade for those coming from version 1.x. For most users who were not part of the beta program the upgrade should have happened seamlessly. For those of us that were, you may have had problems during the upgrade with the app throwing errors like “device push token cannot be empty”, and sound selection not working. To fix the problem, log out of both the beta and final versions of the apps. Uninstall the beta version then go to into Settings -> Notifications -> OpsGenie. Untick everything, go back a […]

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The one thing that will save the most battery

There are a lot of ways to get more battery time out of your iPhone. Turn off Airdrop, Bluetooth, Location services, Background App Refresh, so on and so on. While they do work, they don’t make a significant difference. The single most thing that will make a dramatic impact to your iPhone’s battery life i’ve found …… is the brightness setting. With it set at the lower 1/3rd end of the brightness bar in a brightly lit room, I can end a 16 hour day on around 44% battery life with my iPhone 5 (iOS 7). That’s with Bluetooth on,

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Fixing push notifications for the Facebook app on iOS

Every now and again, push notifications would stop working on the Facebook app on my iPhone. Previously I had completely removed and re-installed the app and that fixed the problem, but i’ve discovered an easier and quicker way to fix them up. Go into Settings. Tap on Facebook. Tap on Push Notifications. Turn all the sliders off. Go back a screen. Tap on Push Notifications again. Turn the features you want notifications for back on. Go back a screen. I did get a bit paranoid and exited the push notification settings after turning them off then went back in as

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Game Center invites not working

Does someone invite you to a game and nothing comes up on your screen? Or do you invite someone and the game just sits there waiting and waiting? If this happens, then chances are you’ve turned off Alerts for Game Center. To fix this, go into Settings -> Notifications -> Game Center and enable Alerts. Game Center needs Alerts enabled for it function properly. Yes this does leave you open to getting trumpeted at 3 oclock in the morning, but it is what it is.

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iPhone and iOS 4’s persistent wifi

Updated 19/05/2011 There’s not a lot of information surrounding the new persistent wifi feature in iOS 4 and how it affects iPhones. I did some experimentation and managed to find something which i’d like to share with those who are seeking the same information. First of all on iPod Touches, persistent wifi works as advertised and stays on wether or not the phone is plugged into the charger. This is so it can maintain a constant data connection for Push Notifications and mail checking. Now for iPhones. Prior to iOS 4.3, persistent wifi worked albeit conditionally and under the following

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