Game Center invites not working

Does someone invite you to a game and nothing comes up on your screen? Or do you invite someone and the game just sits there waiting and waiting?

If this happens, then chances are you’ve turned off Alerts for Game Center.

To fix this, go into Settings -> Notifications -> Game Center and enable Alerts. Game Center needs Alerts enabled for it function properly.

Yes this does leave you open to getting trumpeted at 3 oclock in the morning, but it is what it is.

1 thought on “Game Center invites not working”

  1. Hey every one, i hve a fix to the game center invite problem . So follow the steps:-
    1- check that your push notifications are on in settings and friend invites are on in your game center account setting.
    2-now install the latest version of fruit ninja game
    3-open game center and sign in , then put it in background .
    3-open fruit ninja directly goto new game=>multiplayer=>gamecenter
    4-now you will see two options ( invite friend & play now at the top right corner)
    5-hit the play now button, so the game center will find the uninvited game for you .
    6- when the game starts and u r able to see ur uninvited friend name at the top right corner , after the game finishes , go directly to game center in the background and in your games section and go into fruit ninja in game list , here u will see the recently played option touch it, here u will see at the top of the list , a player name ( whom u played with ) touch the name and send him friend request immediately..
    7-if he accepts request goto friends=>(ur recently added friend)=>gameplayed together(frut ninja)=>hit play(at uper right)
    8-now the game will open up and u will see the GC page hit the invite button choose the recently added friend, and then send , waiting for him and ready to play .. Now ur gc id hve verified and u can invite any of ur friend and can play any game(which supports invite feature)

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