SSL products – addons or stand alone?

In my little debacle with addons and the default order form, I was made to think about how to use the SSL products.  I wanted it to show as an addon during the ordering process, but in setting up the addon, it wanted to align the billing cycle with the hosting plan cycle, and well.. this just wasn’t going to work, as the SSL couldn’t be monthly!  I also had the problem of wanting a dedicated IP to be a required addon for the SSL cert, and well.. you can’t have addons for an addon! So after being advised the […]

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My first hiccup – order form broke!

I’m currently playing around with the default order page just to place dummy orders and see how everything works, and see how it provisions the control panel etc. But for some reason, now when I select the product and click buy now, it takes me to an almost blank page! All it has there now is the product I selected and the price.. but no other buttons to click anywhere! Normally it has the domain info next or any addons for the product. So it has the one line saying the product & price.. then underneath a blank box called

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My journey begins..

I have decided to blog my journey of setting up Plesk Billing.  I have read many complaints on the lack of documentation and the costly support from Plesk themselves, and I’m finding it to be true.  I have searched the member forums for answers, but found I had to ask my own questions, and whilst the responses I received were helpful, I was still having to nut things out for myself as I went along, and I found myself wanting to post threads on everything I was learning just so other people searching would actually find some answers!  I said

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