My journey begins..

I have decided to blog my journey of setting up Plesk Billing.  I have read many complaints on the lack of documentation and the costly support from Plesk themselves, and I’m finding it to be true.  I have searched the member forums for answers, but found I had to ask my own questions, and whilst the responses I received were helpful, I was still having to nut things out for myself as I went along, and I found myself wanting to post threads on everything I was learning just so other people searching would actually find some answers!  I said to my husband, I should just blog this, because my threads & posts in the forum (some going unanswered except by myself) were starting to look very blog-like.  So here I am.  I confess my first few posts will be pretty much copy & pasted from my threads in the support forum (lazy 🙂 ) but from hereon in I will try to update this blog as I go.

So, to begin with, I will clarify that I am setting up Plesk Billing v6 which is bundled with Plesk Panel v9.

I must say, it’s quite an overwhelming task, trying to get my head around all the potential orders & processes that we will require, but this week I decided I just need to dive in there and work it out.

I managed to create our hosting products and addons & I added them to the appropriate widget and order form.  I setup client templates and a domain template on the server and selected to use these in the product attributes.  I sorted out the list of TLDs that we sell, but still need to finish the lookup info.  Haven’t sorted out registrar modules just yet either..

Anyway, I got enough things ready for making my first dummy order.

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