Cleaning the Apple Mighty Mouse without opening it

Here’s something I stumbled on while trying to find a way to clean my wife’s Mighty Mouse without opening it.

I’ll cut to the chase and just show you the video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning the Apple Mighty Mouse without opening it”

  1. That was quick. but only a little bit quicker than the official instructions:

    I had to clean my mighty mouse a while go and the official instructions did the trick.

    I’ve since switched back to a cheapy Microsoft mouse. I can’t remember why exactly, but one thing I do miss is the ….. nipple? I miss being able to scroll sideways.

  2. With one of my other Mighty Mouses, the official instructions only worked up to a certain point after which it got too clogged to clean that way. I had to open the mouse and clean the rollers which had loads of gunk on it.

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