My first hiccup – order form broke!

I’m currently playing around with the default order page just to place dummy orders and see how everything works, and see how it provisions the control panel etc.

But for some reason, now when I select the product and click buy now, it takes me to an almost blank page! All it has there now is the product I selected and the price.. but no other buttons to click anywhere! Normally it has the domain info next or any addons for the product. So it has the one line saying the product & price.. then underneath a blank box called Product Options, but I can’t get anywhere from there.

Here’s what’s happened recently: (but I don’t see how this could have impacted the order form?)

– I removed the tax group and made everything non-taxable. Have decided it’s easier to just say all displayed prices include GST.

– I removed an addon that was mistakenly on each product.

– Had a licensing issue, which parallels logged into our system and fixed.. they said it was a bug (it wasn’t accepting our activation key) so that worked, but then there was a problem with the install domain being different from the license.. so they told us which config file to amend to make it the correct domain. I’ve also corrected the appropriate url info in the order form and company settings. This sounds fairly relevant.. but I’m not even sure it coincides with when the order form stopped working.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed.

And even now if I add a new product and assign it to the order form, it’s not showing up on that default order page.

It was suggested to me to clear down the tmp directory, so we tried this.  Still no luck.

Finally a solution:

After fiddling with technical things and trying the tmp directory etc etc etc…I decided to retrace my steps. I added back the addon option, and it worked!! Became thoroughly confused at the terms “options” & “addons” etc and couldn’t understand why it required the product to have addons to work… then remembered the first part of setting up products that had me stumped and which I had initially taken a punt at the answers LOL. It was in the Product Display Information “Addon Option – Require an associated domain, make optional, or make hidden”. I hid it and my order form now works. I still don’t fully understand these 2 options LOL.. but I am getting closer!

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