The dummies guide to using ArgyllCMS

If you’re reading this then you probably already know what ArgyllCMS does. What you’re likely here for are simple instructions on how to use it. If you’re like me and just want your display reasonably well calibrated for photo processing then read on. As you already know, ArgyllCMS consists of a bewildering array of small utils, 48 at last count, that form part of the core package. The doco is actually quite good once you find what you need and make sense of it. Buried pages and pages deep, in amongst mentions of workflows and scenarios is the one liner […]

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Fixing Mail banner and alert notifications

Ever since the macOS 13.2 update, both banner and alert notifications in Mail for some people (including myself!) are no longer appearing. The badge on the dock shows the correct unread count but the popup in the top right corner does not display for new messages. I’ve tried everything from toggling Mail notifications on and off, to fiddling with Focus modes. What did eventually fix the problem was completely removing the affected mail accounts from Settings -> Internet Accounts, and then re-adding them. Toggling the Mail slider alone didn’t seem to work, it needed a full remove and re-add. Ventura

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Setting up OverPlay in Viscosity

This article will cover how you go about plugging the OverPlay VPN service into Viscosity, for which there are no instructions on how to do anywhere on the net. If you have questions about what OverPlay or Viscosity is, then this article is not for you. Pre-requisites Viscosity installed Download the OverPlay connections list from here. Download the OverPlay CA cert from here. Have your username and password handy Choose the server you want to connect to from the server list. Making it happen Uncompress the connections file Bring up Preferences in Viscosity. Click on the + icon in the

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How to quickly drain your Macs battery

Firstly why would you do this? The simple answer is when calibrating your battery, the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting for your battery to drain normally. This procedures accelerates the process. There are a number of ways to drain your Macs battery such as playing a game, or watching a DVD. But I have found a quicker way to do it which doesn’t require you to be at your computer. Just open up one terminal per processor core and run this in it: yes > /dev/null Don’t run it without the /dev/null otherwise it will

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Best of the Best Mac applications

by Brandon Yap The contenders When I first started out with Macs, one of the more challenging tasks for me was to find the cream of the crop in Mac software. Sure there are lots of applications out there and most of them good, but some stand out above the others and this page aims to capture those excelling in their field. This list includes casual to intermediate level applications which I think represents the best of the best. Professional applications are not covered here. Image editing Pixelmator, Acorn Pixelmator and Acorn are part of a new breed of image

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