Setting up email notifications in Cerberus Helpdesk

Updated 28/05/2011

Starting with version 5.4, changes have been made which render previous of methods of sending email notifications inoperable. In fact if you upgrade from a previous version to 5.4, your notifications will break.

Cerberus 5.4 brings a new functionality called Virtual Attendants. This is what you’ll need to use from now on.

  1. Click on Groups.
  2. Select a group you’ve created.
  3. Click on the Virtual Attendant tab.
  4. Create a new¬†behavior¬†of the type “New message on a group conversation”.
  5. Add an Action, and call it something like Relay.
  6. Add the action “Relay to external email”.
  7. Tick the email addresses you want to relay to.
  8. Click Save Changes.

That it! Per worker Virtual Assistant rules are not required for this to work.

There are additional tags you can include in your email replies which can do funky things.

Refer to the link for more details.

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