Enabling mail redirection into Cerberus Helpdesk

Cerberus Helpdesk out of the box isn’t able to accept mails that are redirected or resent to it.
In order to make this happen, you’ll need to modify cerb5/api/app/Parser.php and add in a few lines of code. You’ll find this block of code at line 109 (in Cerb 5.4.1). Line numbers for previous version will vary but if you search for “ReturnPath” it should take you there.

@$sReturnPath = $this->_headers[‘return-path’];
@$sReplyTo = $this->_headers[‘reply-to’];
@$sFrom = $this->_headers[‘from’];
@$sResentTo = $this->_headers[‘resent-to’];

$from = array();

if(!empty($sReplyTo)) {
$from = CerberusParser::parseRfcAddress($sReplyTo);
} elseif(!empty($sFrom)) {
$from = CerberusParser::parseRfcAddress($sFrom);
} elseif(!empty($sReturnPath)) {
$from = CerberusParser::parseRfcAddress($sReturnPath);
elseif(!empty($sResentTo)) {
$from = CerberusParser::parseRfcAddress($sResentTo);

That’s all that’s needed! You can now redirect/resend your mail from your mail client straight into Cerberus.

Tested on Cerberus Helpdesk 5.4.1

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