Shopp plugin – Blank payment settings

If you use both the excellent WordPress plugins Membership (from WPMU Dev) and Shopp together, you will encounter problems with the PayPal Express payment module in Shopp as they both share a common class name. Symptoms include no payment options in Shopp’s payment settings and the following error message in the logs:

mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class PayPalExpress in /wordpressroot/wp-content/plugins/shopp/gateways/PayPal/PayPalExpress.php on line 16, referer:

The domain and path have obviously been changed.

I’ve reported this problem to the Shopp developers so lets see what they say. In the meantime you’ll have to disable Membership until this is resolved.

Update 20/11/2011 – Ingenesis have acknowledged the conflict and have offered an unsupported workaround until they get their developers onto it.

  • Edit shopp/gateways/paypal/paypalexpress.php
  • Change the @subpackage meta field to PayPalExpressX
  • Change the class name to PayPalExpressX
The changes you make to the files WILL be blown away when you update Shopp so remember to make the changes again after the update, that’s unless they’ve fixed the problem.

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