30fps vs 60fps in games

30 frames per second vs 60 frames per second. Whats the big deal! The human eye can only see 24 – 30 fps right?

I’m sure we’ve all heard that argument before. While it’s true the human eye can only see around 24 – 30 fps, in real life we have Motion Blur. Put your fingers up in front of you and wave it around, you’ll see motion blur in action. On screen, this is not the case. Because of the lack of motion blur, on screen objects just don’t seem to move smoothly and appears to skip to the trained eye. This is why you need a higher frame rate to compensate.

Something game developers use to compensate for lower framerates is in game motion blur. This can smooth the effect of lower frame rates. It does not look as good as higher frame rates, it does an ok job.

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